Nephra – March Newsletter

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Nephra has continued to demonstrate why it is one of the most disruptive startups in the nation with its latest research and development efforts. Recent technical advancements have been extremely promising, achieving accuracies that put us on a path towards rapid FDA approval.

We also advanced to the semi-finals of the College New Venture Challenge at the University of Chicago and pitched at TigerLaunch, a Princeton Startup Competition.


  • Created a machine learning model that can classify abnormal levels of [K+] with 80% testing and 60% validation accuracy.
  • This same model can also estimate [K+] levels within 0.7 mmol/L. 
  • Engineered proprietary software to label ECGs and calculate relevant features like wave areas, wave slopes, wave durations, and more.
  • Piloted software that automatically locates R peaks in ECG waveforms through a calculus-driven approach.

Next Month: 

  • Aiming to form partnerships with ECG hardware manufacturers.
  • Targeting SBIR grant application for funding to accelerate development.
  • Seeking regulatory advisor to guide the FDA approval process.
  • Aiming for improved classification accuracy using our new software.
  • Looking forward to competing in Cozad!


  • If you know any contacts at ECG hardware manufacturing companies, we would love to connect with them.
  • We are also seeking contacts with experience in FDA approval for medical devices.
  • We are also seeking contacts with experience in ECG classification.

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