Nephra – May Newsletter

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April was an incredibly productive month for us at Nephra. We traveled, pitched to investors, and solidified our value proposition and market strategy over the course of the past four weeks. We look to build off this momentum as we enter May and June and transition to more full-time roles.

– Nephra placed 1st at the Engineering Open House (The Grainger College of Engineering) startup showcase, taking home $500 in non-dilutive funding.
– Nephra placed 2nd at the Cozad New Venture Challenge (Technology Entrepreneur Center), taking home $35,000 in non-dilutive funding and services.
– Nephra placed 3rd in innovation at the 20th Annual Health Innovation Research Day (Carle Illinois College of Medicine).
– We participated in the VentureWell E-Team Stage 1 program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, taking away valuable insights into our economic value proposition and value chain.
– We finished our automated feature extraction software to automatically identify such features as wave amplitudes, wave integrals, segment lengths, and more (pictured below).

Next Month:
– We plan to leverage our automated feature extraction to build our K2 model, which we anticipate will have an AUC of 0.7+.
– We will begin setting up dedicated servers for model training and data manipulation in order to expedite technical development and solidify our research and development process.

Come check us out at the MATTER demo in downtown Chicago on May 16. We’d love to see you there!

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