Nephra – April Newsletter

Nephra – April Newsletter

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Can you believe it’s already April? It seemed like just yesterday we sat down to give our March newsletter update. Since then, Nephra has made remarkable progress on our four verticals: algorithm development, investment seeking, data procurement, and market strategy. Read more about this below!

– Nephra’s automated feature extraction software is in its final stages of development before testing. We are now able to algorithmically locate QRS complexes with 90%+ accuracy for both normal and abnormal ECGs. Take a look at the photo below to see how this works!
– Nephra is kicking off its first participation in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign‘s annual pitch competition, Cozad, hosted by the Technology Entrepreneur Center.
– We were selected to participate in a competition with CVS/Lyfebulb in Austin, TX at the end of May.
– Nephra is putting finishing touches on our National Science Foundation (NSF)/NIH SBIR Grant Application. We hope to be a competitive applicant and attract funding to accelerate development.
– We finished our engagement with i-MADE, a consulting organization that has been extremely helpful in determining routes for data procurement. A special thanks to June Vanlerberghe for leading a great project.
– Nephra is also wrapping up its consulting engagement with Champaign Urbana Business and Engineering (CUBE) Consulting, which has offered a helpful hand in navigating IP laws and to-market strategies. A special thanks to Jason Jung for the amazing work on that front.

Next Month:
– We have continued interest in speaking with ECG hardware manufacturers.
– Our technical development focus will shift from feature extraction to model development. We will continue to train and tune our RNN-LSTM model that classifies and estimates [K+] levels.

– Nephra would love to speak with an electrophysiologist to determine the best ways to work around edge-cases and to learn more about ECG interpretation.
– We are also seeking contacts with experience in ECG classification.

Come check us out at the 20th Annual Health Innovation Research Day – Carle Illinois College of Medicine this week!
Also come stop by our booth at the Engineering Open House Booth, hosted by the The Grainger College of Engineering, on April 8th!

We’d love to see you there!

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